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PostHeaderIcon Twins: The Road Trip Edition

I am a week into a road trip with my two and a half year-old twin boys. Oy vay. Seriously. All things considered, they have behaved pretty well. The over 1500 mile journey to Florida saw very little car napping time (like a combined 40 minutes) and some white hair causing whiny time, but we cam out unscathed. After a few days of chasing the boys around Grandma and Grandpa’s house (no amount of hiding things up high really seems to do it) we left on the second leg of our journey, Orlando and Disney World.

To get to Disney we had to spend another 4 hours in the car. The boys were not thrilled. Apparently, the sight of the hotel room door also really freaked one of the boys out (until day 4 when we were leaving). We were tired, cranky and trying to eat dinner in public at an hour the boys usually slept. They were troopers. I felt like I deserved a raise. Like all things in parenting, it is these little sacrifices of your hair color, patience and fun that really pay off when they smile and enjoy themselves. This trip had a lot of both (sacrifices and smiles, my new band name).

In Orlando we experienced several firsts: vacationing with friends, swimming in a pool, camping out in a hotel with Uncle “Uvi” and, of course, Disney. If you are asking yourself what a 2-year-old can do at Disney, the answer is a lot. I was asking myself the same thing about parents of infants. Aside from the thrill of walking through this new and magical world, much of Disney is a slow moving vehicle with a feast for the eyes. Some of it scared the boys, but they soon learned that a little bit of dark or waiting in a line was rewarded. I had to learn to let the routine go and live in the moment. All in all, I am pleased with the results.

Although we have several more days, including the long trek up north and another hotel stay, I have already experienced and learned more than I thought possible. I have learned to reach for patience I did not think was there and to ignore whining while driving 80 down the highway. Those are the valuable lessons. The others, well, when I finish this bottle of wine I will whine about them and get over it. That is parenting. Stay fierce parents. Just stay fierce.

PostHeaderIcon Have Twins Will Travel

We are planning our first family trip to visit my family this spring and I am already doing some mental planning. In fact, I have been for a month now even though the trip is in mid April. My parents already purchased two playards on craigs list, but that is the bare minimum of what we will need.

Following is the shirt list of what I will need with me just for the plane ride, not taking into consideration whether they will be lap babies or will the darn car seats be dragged along for the ride!

• change of clothes (x2)
• bag of toys
• sanitizing wipes
• snacks (tons!!)
• diapers
• blankets
• books and/or DVD player
• extra pacifiers
• first aid, Tylenol, orajel, mylecon
• milk and juice
• two meals minimum (just in case)
• stroller (or my plan of two umbrella strollers plus the connector)
• bibs, cooler and other stuff required for a happy meal time

Oh yeah, I guess we will need to bring something for mommy and daddy’s sanity too!

More to come on this little adventure.