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PostHeaderIcon The Toddlers Rule The World

Well at least that is what it feels like (see title).  Since the potty training boot camp a lot has changed. Just two weeks after the start of potty training the kids began daycare part time. I thought about these endless hours I could spend catching up on chores, reinventing my future life and career, exercising. I mean, seriously. All those hours. Truth is, I have less time.  It’s all because toddlers rule the world.

Nearing our third birthday the boys are super quite and twice as exasperating. Their minds are molding and they are making acute and cute observations. They listen more (when they feel like it) and remember more. Basically, they are entertaining me, challenging my ability to mother and distract simultaneously, and teaching me to be humble and accept bodily fluids. I have heard many a person say that this is the best and worst age and I would have to agree, although I can only compare to what was. Somehow, they make me feel that the extreme sleeplessness that came with infancy was easier than explaining to a toddler why he can’t have something, go somewhere or drive a car without ending in tears yourself.

Yes, people, parenting is tough.

So, back to changes. I’m not sure if it is school or just the addition of 2 and a half months, but my boys have seriously matured and grown tremendously. All the little life skills like dressing, putting on shoes and eating messy soup come easier to them. In fact, sometimes their extreme desire to try something new can be a challenge in itself (note tantrum over putting on shirt by ones self). These changes are welcome. Yes, I miss the little cuddly babies, but these beings can converse with me and share some likes and dislikes. They tell me when something hurts and exactly where. These advancements have made outings more interesting. I just love to see their joy in going to a store or sharing their observations with me.

The developing independence is a blessing and a curse. As I said, they rule the world. Oh, and parents, the term terrible twos is inaccurate. It’s about 2-3 years of ups and downs with tantrums, tears (yours and theirs) and lots of laughter. Even poop can be funny (I have stories).

PostHeaderIcon Potty Training Boot Camp

Life with toddlers has been rough, making it very tough to type a blog post or take a break. They consume my time a suck my energy, yet I love them more every day!

Most recently we have tackled potty training. I started by reading other blogs, referring to books and talking to friends. When I realized that “cold turkey” works for potty training as well as other “habits” I went for it. I chose a weekend with no plans and we said goodbye to diapers during waking hours. I called it boot camp.

On day 1 of boot camp we started with potty training undies (just thicker down the middle) and using the potty every 1/2 hour or so. I soon realized the underwear was too tough to master on day 1. So we went commando, since it was summer they were mostly nudists in the house. By day 2 the underwear were on without pants. By day 3 the pants were on.

If you choose this method be prepared with tons of rags and extra undies. Oh, and patience helps. I used tons of rewards. Balloons, stickers and cookies worked best. By day 4 Elan was fully trained, so much so that he started to wake up asking to use the potty and always has a dry diaper at nap time (sometimes in the morning!).

I don’t think Elan is unusual. Since he is a twin, his life is more about structure and routine than singletons. Potty training was just another routine. Zev, on the other hand, has been more challenging. No amount of bargaining can speed up the process with him.

After one month Zev is just beginning to ask to use the potty, but not every time. I try to keep my cool and encourage the right behavior. Once we master daytime for 3-4 months I will work on nighttime. Oy!

I think that the most important lesson is to say goodbye to diapers during waking hours and to be firm with that, no matter how hard. Kids don’t understand mixed signals.

PostHeaderIcon I love my kids but…..

I recently put this title as a title on my personal facebook page. I was expecting a list of examples to serve as a tool to make me feel more human. Not so much. Many of the friends that paid attention have infants at home and are still in that “My Baby is Magic” phase. Don’t get me wrong, my kids are magic. I tell anyone who will listen how funny, smart and charming my boys can be. But, and there always is a but, as they grow into toddlerdom the ups and downs are far more extreme and confusing (confusing because you sometimes want to laugh at bad behavior).

I’m pretty sure that my other group of friends, with school age kids and even teenagers, would have plenty of stories to share if they could get out of the car and stop chauffeuring their kids from one activity to another. I’ve heard the stories for years. I sometimes thought people were really having a love hate relationship with their kids. Now I get it. It’s not love hate, it’s all love and a little heartache and frustration.

I’ll put it out there. Feel free to join in. This could be a fun drinking game, no?


I love my kids but…….

  • They exhaust me like no other job I have ever had.
  • Even at two, they clearly have their own agenda.
  • Their poop smells horrible and I get to be intimate with it several times a day (times two, thanks).
  • They think screaming is both fun and funny. Lord can this phase please come to an end.
  • As twins they egg each other on, whether it’s funny, bad or tear jerking.
  • Emptying shelves and bins in the playroom is a favorite pastime.
  • They have learned how to kick, shove and hit and do not yet understand why it is wrong (only that mommy gets mad and they get a time out).
  • They are so married to their schedule sometimes it is hard to plan something special (this is both a blessing and a curse).
  • The same food they ate an hour ago is now fodder for play, smashing, throwing or crying over.
  • Since they spend all day with me, Dad is their hero and I am the manager/servant (can I get an amen, Moms).

PostHeaderIcon Food options

My boys are getting temperamental during meal times. From my research I learned not to push and to try to give them a couple of options. Previously, we did this right on the height chair tray because plates ended up on the floor.

This week we tried something new and we have success! Next step: utensils and mushy food!

20111015 084249 Food options

20111015 084256 Food options

20111015 084304 Food options

PostHeaderIcon Tantrums, tears and laughter

The twins have been taking up so much of my energy this weekend. Even with Dad’s help, some days are more trying than others. After a rainy, gloomy weekend we decided to brave the crisp fall weather and get the kids out Sunday afternoon.

My wise idea was an indoor, wallet emptying, children’s paradise. I had been there with friends before and knew it was promising. I also did my research and found that there was a toddler room (music to my ears!). The toddler room left something to be desired, but it was free for my 21 month old twins.

The kids loved the freedom and the real winner of the day was a big water activity area. The smocks provided did nothing to protect them and I felt guilt over not bringing a change of clothes for our short excursion. But, a coat and a quick walk to the warm minivan was okay.

Our toddler play was followed by a tantrum (leaving) and then by joy as they took their first carousel ride. Then another tantrum (leaving for good). The kids were hungry and tired and mom and dad even more so. Mind you, this whole thing was a little more than an hour. Thank goodness for sippy cups and crackers!

20111003 095338 Tantrums, tears and laughter

20111003 095355 Tantrums, tears and laughter

20111003 095407 Tantrums, tears and laughter

20111003 095416 Tantrums, tears and laughter

PostHeaderIcon Hit me

Discipline. At 20 months my boys are a little young for it. We do our best to tell them right from wrong, but explanations are still lost on them. So it’s a lot of “no!”

Still, I feel compelled to find a way to stop the hitting early on. I am most concerned with the times they hit me. You’re going to change my diaper? Take that. I can usually distract them and put the kibosh on the hitting, but is that enough?

I keep saying we will wait until that magical age of 24 months when all the books and studies say kids start to really get it. Here’s to that.

PostHeaderIcon Sing, sing babies

My boys love music. At first we thought Zev was our little musician. From very early on he would focus on any music playing, eventually bopping or swaying along. As the boys started to babble and learn real word, everything changed.

My mornings now start with the sound of Elan singing made up words to melodies of the songs he knows. He gets the melodies spot on and has an amazing recall for music. He even knows that certain melodies are associated with tv characters. I love it.

Time to start planning some teaching moments via music. Maybe something more frugal than a Mommy and me class with tuition times two!

PostHeaderIcon Laugh a minute

PostHeaderIcon Just trying to keep things going

Every day I have big goals. Every day I also have twins who are 20 months old at the moment. I can’t take my eyes off of these little guys for more than a minute. Somehow they find a way to make even the most baby proofed of rooms a danger zone.

These strong little boys pull, push and climb onto just about anything. They learned the word “no” in three different languages very early on. As anyone with toddlers will tell you, this usually elicits a grin and more of the same pushing, pulling and climbing.

So, for now, I am just trying to keep things moving along and keep my head above water. I dream of craft projects, home improvement and money making. But, it is not yet my time.

PostHeaderIcon He’s Crafty

My son cannot walk. He did, however, manage to push my ottoman to the changing table and climb up. His brother could have cared less!

20110217 100430 Hes Crafty

20110217 100507 Hes Crafty