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PostHeaderIcon Thanksgiving Prep: ready, set, go

My lists of menu ideas have been scribbled on many note pads and scraps of paper and the shopping list is being generated. Being the organized planner that I am, some elements are being prepared in advance. The way I figure it is if it freezes well, why not.

I previously mentioned this being a mostly vegetarian thanksgiving. I relented a bit by allowing my brothers to prepare a Turkey for the die hard meat eaters and I will make some salmon for my husband who is a meat eater at heart. Those two dishes aside, everything else is vegetarian and healthy (except for dessert—a must).

So, here is the menu as it stands today. I have yet to gather all my recipes.

- hummus two ways and veggies
- whole wheat pizza appetizer with gorgonzola and apples
- cranberry sauce
- tabouli salad
- roasted eggplant salad
- squash/carrot soup
- sweet potato souffle
- roasted potatoes with garlic
- apple pie
- brownies

*Did I mention everything is from scratch?!!!!

PostHeaderIcon Vegetarian Thanksgiving….Yeah, it can happen

no meat 300x300 Vegetarian Thanksgiving....Yeah, it can happenI’m a vegetarian. I’m no hipster with a knitted cap and weird skinny jeans. I’ve been a vegetarian since high school, but really wanted to be one since birth. Let’s just put it this way, eating meat was torture and dinner time was hell. When my Mom gave up trying to get me to eat that piece of chicken and I realized I could create my own food destiny, I came out to my family as a vegetarian. Over the years, I’ve had to explain this to people. I’ve had to justify. Luckily, the hipsters have made it acceptable enough that I can just hang out and be a vegetarian with little to no questions. I have heard a thing or two about the diet I choose to feed my children, but that’s a story for another day (a long and annoyingly frustrating story!).

After 11 years of living with me, my husband’s meat eating had really dwindled down to the occasional BBQ chicken and steak in a restaurant. Recently, in an effort to do some healthy living, and as a result of multiple food documentaries on Netflix, my husband has gone all out vegetarian. We eat the occasional fish, but this is rare. Good fish is both expensive and generally far from local. Cooking a balanced diet has not been an issue. That is, until I remembered that Thanksgiving is held at our house. Thanksgiving with a room full of voracious meat eaters. So, now my Thanksgiving planning begins. A mostly vegetarian Thanksgiving (My meat eating brothers will prepare a turkey).

Unlike previous Thanksgivings, I will not ask someone to prepare a red meat dish for my picky father-in-law. I will not prepare a vat full of shrimp for everyone to attack as the turkey is being carved. And I will not concern myself over the number of heavy proteins on the table for these meat eaters. This year, I will give them all a taste of how we eat. I will let them all experience how well we eat, taste and satisfaction. There will be loosening of belts and long sighs over full bellies. There will be heavy eyelids. There will be Thanksgiving my way.

Stay tuned.