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PostHeaderIcon Three Years Old Is Just Around The Bend

This December my boys are turning three! I can hardly believe it. It seems that every three months or so we still go through pretty major changes and advancements. Three seems so mature. I can actually ask their opinion on things. It was this that led me to choosing a pirate theme for their birthday. Since their birthday falls smack dab in the middle of the holidays I throw a big adult and kid party in honor of the holidays, the birthday and the close of the year. I make sure that all tastes are covered in food and booze, create lots of seating and conversation areas and a big project for the kids. Last year it was gingerbread houses (big success) and this year it is pirate themed.

Here is the plan……

  • The house will be transformed into a pirate ship with lots of skeletons, skulls, pirate flags, gold coins and sails.
  • Pirate costumes are optional for guests, but mandatory for us (more on that later).
  • The food table will be set up like a ship with a big sail.
  • There will be a “Dig for Treasure” for the little kids comprised of rice and small favors wrapped in gold.
  • The big craft for kids or adventurous adults will be a “Make Your Own Pirate Bandanna” craft.
  • There will be themed cocktails like “Sharks Blood Martinis.”
  • The birthday cake (made by me, the mom) will be a pirate ship.

So today, the challenge begins. I have collected supplies and now I must start creating those pirate costumes and crazy decorations. More to come. Super excited crafty mom here!