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PostHeaderIcon Help! I have mom hands!

I’m sure any mom will attest to the fact that it does take some time to get back to being yourself after kids. You will never be the same you, but a version of the better you is agreeable. Well, my twins are two and I am not there yet.

First, my body. Amen, right? The twin weight is not completely gone and everything is different. My skin, my body shape, my hair. Let me count the ways. For year one I paid no attention to this. Year two got some focus. Now in year three I hope to reclaim myself.

Now where to start with these dry, chapped, cracked miserable mom hands?

PostHeaderIcon Just trying to keep things going

Every day I have big goals. Every day I also have twins who are 20 months old at the moment. I can’t take my eyes off of these little guys for more than a minute. Somehow they find a way to make even the most baby proofed of rooms a danger zone.

These strong little boys pull, push and climb onto just about anything. They learned the word “no” in three different languages very early on. As anyone with toddlers will tell you, this usually elicits a grin and more of the same pushing, pulling and climbing.

So, for now, I am just trying to keep things moving along and keep my head above water. I dream of craft projects, home improvement and money making. But, it is not yet my time.