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PostHeaderIcon Your Kid Is Not Potty Trained Yet????

I was helping a friend register for her baby shower and the entire process reminded me of how territorial parents, particularly mothers, are when it comes to infant care. Everyone knows the best diapers, wipes, stroller and onesie. The truth is, as I told my girlfriend, everyone does things differently and there is really no right way as long as your baby is happy and healthy. This sense that there is only one way extends to milestones and stages with your infant and toddler. Is your kid still using that sippy cup? You still give them a bottle before bed? Pacifiers at this age?

Here is what I say: Will they be wearing diapers, sucking on a pacifier and drinking from a sippy cup as they walk down the aisle for their high school graduation? While the image is hilarious, you are probably shaking your head no. The truth is, regardless of the pressures from all of the perfect parents and their meeting their milestones right on time kids, your kids will get where they need to get in due time. Sure, you need to manipulate the situation a bit and show them how to use the potty and bribe the pacifier away, but no need to rush it. I personally find it best to slowly transition. For example, you can’t pull dump the diapers, the sippy cups and the pacifier in one week or even one month. Go with the flow and see how your kids react.

In regards to dealing with those judgmental parents, learn to do it. These people are not going away. They will be telling you about their kids top grades, ability to make a goal in soccer and top 100% height until you turn blue in the face. Come up with responses that make you comfortable and don’t open your kids’ personal goals up for discussion. I suggest something like, “I’m proud of my kids. They really make me smile every day.” It’s true and no one can compare that to anything!