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To date I have used four different brands of disposable Green diapers. I originally wanted to go the route of cloth diapers via a diaper service, but there was not one in my area. I’ll admit, I didn’t look around for all available diapers, only those available on That aside, I have a review of the brands I have tried and can recommend at least two of them.

****Please note that these reviews start at the newborn size. Most green brands are not available in preemie size. When I brought home my little guys at about 6lbs a piece we used preemie diapers for about a month, maybe a little longer.****

Earth’s Best

I have used Earth’s Best the longest. Overall, I have no major complaints. They are absorbent and sturdy enough. I have ripped off the little tab once or twice, but mostly because I was pulling it so hard. This leads me to my main complaint with these. My boys have a difference of about three pounds between them (since 3 months of age) and I refuse to use two different diaper sizes. Life is tough enough without confusing myself with different diapers! I kept finding myself hiking up the size to fit Elan’s expanding waist. The larger the size, the longer the diaper from waist to crotch. It seemed that they never really got larger at the waist. I might go back to these at a larger size.

Nature Babycare

The quality of Nature Babycare is about the same as Earth’s Best. I have pulled a tab or two from these as well. The fit around the waist is better. I have found in the last couple of weeks that the boys are peeing out of the diapers more often. This is either a construction issue, or a side effect of the boys moving around more.


I tried only one package of Attitude. The quality was okay. Somehow, these never seemed as comfortable to me. I pulled off the tabs more often and we had more leakage or near leakage mishaps with these. Needless to say, I have a couple left and they were relegated to the diaper bag back up diapers.


The Tushies are my least favorite. They are probably the most Green brand of them all. The fill is wood pulp. I thought i would be thrilled, particularly since they were the most Green. Not so much! They are stiff going on and even stiffer once they are wet. I could barely make it through a half pack. They are definitely not ideal for overnight wear. Aside from being stiff and only mildly absorbent, they are overly bulky. I could barely close a onesie over them! I would not recommend these.