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PostHeaderIcon It’s in the details

The boys are 9 weeks old and growing quickly. I’ve already spoken about the tendency to compare twins. How can you not? Particularly when these little guys behave and develop differently. My smaller twin shot up on the scale a couple of weeks back and surpassed his brother by about two pounds. All of my fears of his smaller size gone, I’ve turned my attention to the now smaller twin and how his development differs.

The most difficult of these details is the slightly flat side of his head. Yes, he prefers to turn his head to one side as he lays, and he also cam out with his head slightly misshapen. Not one doctor or nurse said a word, and I have always assumed this will pass. Then I did the dangerous. I turned to the internet as I do with all other questions. Well, first I turned to Dr. Spock, but he didn’t utter a word in almost 1,000 pages. On the web I found articles and the ever popular question and answer sites.

Now I know that this is normal, it happens often with twins. Beyond that I read so many conflicting answers. It’s not too late to correct. It will correct itself. It may cause developmental delays. It’s perfectly normal. Wear a helmet. The helmet is painful and uncomfortable. Do something. Do nothing. Ahhhh! Would I have been better off ignoring this? We just visited the pediatrician for their 2-month exam and he looked them over and measured them. Wouldn’t he have said something?

I can drive myself crazy or i can just spend this time turning my son’s head as a gentle reminder and looking at his precious little face. One thing I can be sure of is that parenting comes with a lot of anxiety and most of it stems from old wives tales and bad advice. Me, I’m going to focus on being calm, loving my twins and waiting until the next regular well appointment before I jump to conclusions and create problems.