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PostHeaderIcon My P90X Journey: Day 10

Today was tough. I was dragging my heels all day. By the time I worked out my stomach hurt and I was hungry. I pushed through. Oh man. Intense.

I can’t wait until it comes naturally. Will it?

PostHeaderIcon My P90X Journey: day 9

Day 9 is coming to a close. I have now worked out hard for 9 days straight. Unbelievable. I never would have imagined that I could, and I constantly worry that I won’t have the strength to push myself on. I do see the end game and I want to win.

I can see how athletes get into a zone. You kind of separate mind and body while working hard. Interesting. I could get used to this.

PostHeaderIcon My P90X Journey: Day 5

Day 5 is upon me. I am minutes away from the leg and ab DVD scheduled for today. Yesterday was yoga and it was insane. The hardest yoga I have ever done. I only made it about an hour in to the hour and a half workout. However, today the muscles are feeling better as a result.

Speaking of result, the only one I really feel right now is energy. I feel great! It can also be attributed to the fact that I have been going to sleep earlier due to the fatigue from the workouts. Either way, it works. There is a mental result too. I am feeling positive and really focusing on the end goal.

Goals are important. Long term and short. Short term goals can be in the hardest moments of the workout. When you struggle, make a deal with yourself that if you push for one more minute you can take a break. Then add on a minute and so forth. As Tony Horton says, you can do anything for 30 seconds.

By the by, it is Friday and I will be enjoying some wine with a girlfriend. Therefore, I’m adding some intense cardio tomorrow. It’s give and take.

PostHeaderIcon My P90X Journey: Day 3

Ouch. Ouch and more ouch. Seriously. I have now completed three of the workouts on P90X. Today I did it during the kid’s nap. This was a struggle for me as I have gotten my body trained to eat lunch at that time. I am really married to their schedule! Since we have plans this evening, planning the workout into my daily routine was a must. It’s really all about planning and sacrifice. Actually, in my mind it is really more about a vision. My vision is me looking fabulous in shorts on my 37th birthday.  No real progress report thus far as I have tried to steer clear of the scale, but I ache and I know that skinny hurts. If you are thinking about this, here is a rundown of my daily diet. Keep in mind that I am a vegetarian (sometimes pescetarian).

Breakfast: Shake with nonfat Greek yogurt, banana and vegan protein

Lunch: Salad with homemade Greek dressing and feta cheese, 6 egg white omlette and 1 whole wheat bagel thin

Snack: Protein bar

Dinner: Fish or homemade black bean burgers (2-3), vegetable soup, whole wheat bagel thin