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The boys are 3 months old! This week we discovered just the situation when comparison between twins is ideal. Zev, the smaller of my boys, went almost 3 days without a bowel movement. This little guy smiles every time I sing him my Mr Poopy Pants jingle and there was no Mr Poopy Pants around. His brother, however, seemed to compensate and leaked poopy diapers one after another.

I know that as they get older, babies have less bowel movements and this is very normal. However, when your little guys have a BM at almost every diaper change and then stop abruptly it is a bit worrisome. And, when you know that they eat the same and one is pooping a plenty, well, oh boy!

So, we called the pediatrician and he told us to try 2 ounces of prune juice (yes, that old stuff!) a day until he was back to normal and then a day or two beyond that. Last night was the first bottle, and it was pretty creepy when he spit up brown. We had just about forgotten that he had the prune juice and freaked when we saw dark liquid dripping from his mouth. But alas, he had the tiniest little poop in his diaper before bed.

Throughout the afternoon and evening today we gave him his daily dose and this evening we had quite the surprise. My husband and I sat talking about the days events and weeding through our taxes as the boys silently sat in their little swings. Zev started whining right around the time they boys were due for another meal and I proclaimed that he was hungry. I wanted to finish up a couple of things so I gave him his pacifier and he was quiet for a bit longer. When he spoke up again I picked him up and got quite a surprise.

This little bitty boy pooped his way out of his diaper, out of his onesie and up his back. It was like a mudslide in there and we were silmultaneously happy and sad for him. The poor boy needed a bath, but we were thrilled that all was well in his tummy. Needless to say, after a fresh change of clothing and a quick meal he was “pooped” and fell asleep like never before.

So, the moral of the story is: Sometimes comparison between your twins is healthy and ideal. And, when in doubt, prune juice it out!