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PostHeaderIcon Goodbye Breastfeeding????

The boys will be 12 months old in a few short weeks and thus arrives the conclusion of the breastfeeding saga. Or, is the saga just beginning?  I have started to read articles and consult my books and to be honest, I am more confused. Some promote self-weaning and others just kind of gloss over when to pull the trigger. None of them really cover weaning twin toddlers. If your baby is feeling this or that…blah blah. What is one baby is feeling this and the other, that??

Needless to say, the time is coming. At this point we only nurse in the middle of the night (if necessary), early morning and then expressed milk in a bottle at bedtime. I can imagine taking all of those feedings away with the exception of the late night or early morning (depending on the day). I have tried many a time to get the boys back to sleep as I stumble into their room between the hours of 2am to 5am. Without the nursing I get a lot of crying and no one gets to go back to sleep.

Like everything else in my life I am trying to apply a well educated and organized plan to the weaning process. I am also planning on applying said plan after the big 1st Birthday party. The last thing I need is 40 some odd guests and two unhappy babies!

PostHeaderIcon A thin line between pump and hate

If you had not realized this from previous entries, I am nursing my twins. At four and a half months they have had nothing but breast milk. Well, there was that one bottle of formula that Elan got in the hospital but I won’t get started on that one. In the earlier days of nursing, I was feeding them so often around the clock never had a moment to think about pumping, storing or otherwise. The only time my fancy Medela pump came out was when I felt engorged or particularly enterprising for about three minutes.

Since they turned two months, my husband and I have made a point of giving the twins a bottle at “bed time.” For the first month this was a time we desired them to go to bed for the night, but rarely did it really happen. Nonetheless, we kept up the routine and it is finally paying off. The down side; I need to pump several times after they go to sleep and throughout the day to get that nice full bottle that these fast growing babies now need to sleep well. If you are wondering, it seems the sweet spot it about 7.5 to 8 ounces. If I choose to hit the road with the boys, I take that precious bottle of liquid gold and feel pain and guilt as I feed it to them. It’s tough work to pump. Yes, that blasted thing travels with me and I plug it in to car or outlet wherever I am, but I still fret. Will there be enough for nice full bottles tonight? Will they sleep? Will I sleep? Will that guy in the parking lot stop staring at me and wondering what is going on beneath this big nursing cover?