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PostHeaderIcon The Boppy Twins

If you don’t have one (or two) and you are expecting a baby, get it now. I knew about the Boppy and had purchased one prior to giving birth to my twin boys. In the early days I didn’t even look at it, but as the weeks progressed my Boppy became like a babysitter. One twin was, perhaps, breastfeeding and the other wanted attention. With only one set of hands, the Boppy served to prop up said baby and let him be near Mommy. Fast forward 6 to 8 weeks and I can’t live without the Boppy, so much so that I purchased a second.

The boys are more alert now and want attention and interaction and, most of all, to be near Mommy. As we speak I have the Boppy twins sleeping soundly side by side on their Boppies smack in the middle of my bed. It’s the little things, believe me!

I have no affiliation, but I recommend you check it out!