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PostHeaderIcon Hair Today, Hopefully Not all Gone Tomorrow

No, seriously. I hope I don’t lose all my hair! I’ve heard the stories. I knew to expect something. I never thought to expect hand fulls of hair at the bottom of the shower, and littered across the floor of my house. I find my hair everywhere, including inside the diapers and tangled with the pacifiers. It’s a full time job just vacuuming and removing my hair from the babies.

Someone told me it’s the breastfeeding. Others have given me the knowing nod and even confessed to their own post-pregnancy hair loss woes. I don’t think they understand exactly how much is falling off my head daily. So, I brush sparingly and gently clip it up. Hey, it’s not like the rest of me is looking so sharp right now. icon smile Hair Today, Hopefully Not all Gone Tomorrow

PostHeaderIcon Boys got rice cereal with thei…

Boys got rice cereal with their bottle for the 1st time tonight. One hr and counting. Let’s see how this works out….