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PostHeaderIcon My P90X journey: Day 2

I’m halfway through day 2 of my P90X journey. This means that I have completed one full day of eating according to the plan and one workout. I learned one valuable lesson in day one– eat more early on– which I incorporated into day two. This takes some planning, but not difficult.

Day two is going well. I’m achy, but not hungry. Best of all, I can imagine skinny again. In fact, I’m dreaming of slipping into a skimpy shirt and some tight jeans. Hmmm…

PostHeaderIcon That’s it, Time to take off the twin pounds

I’m 36, turning 37 this July. My twins are now two and I am ready to look how I looked pre-pregnancy three years ago. Actually, I’m ready to look better! I’ve been on an endless round of starting and stopping my transformation. No excuses anymore. Lots of people are tired and overworked, but they manage to stay in shape and look good. Back to my corporate way of thinking– work hard, play hard and look good doing it! So, P90X it is. Today is day 1. I will attempt even the shortest entry daily among my other drivel  and sometimes interesting entries.

I’ll tell you why P90X is my chosen path. A little over a week ago I had a cold. It was not that bad, but having dealt with ear infections with my boys I was run down without a chance to get better. My brothers were both here and sent me to bed to rest and re cooperate one afternoon. I turned on the tv and the first thing I saw was the P90X infomercial. This average looking guy was made into a kind of hot muscle man after living through the program. I was hooked. What you should know is that I already had the program at home. My husband acquired it a while back and never took advantage of it. Come on, twins are hard! I began to peruse the documents and read a bevy of websites with comments, before and after pictures and praises of the program. Regular Moms are doing it and proud of their results.

So, Day 1. I weighed and measured myself. I took some photos. I will eventually share said photos, but only once I’m pleased with some after photos. The program is 90 days and I’m hoping that toward the end of June I will be fitting into my size 6 clothes and feeling really good about wearing shorts. That’s my goal. At 166 lbs (today) that means that I need to lose approximately 30 lbs. The weight is less important than the inches. It’s about the look and fit. Weight is not the tell all. Day 1 is okay so far. I need to learn how to eat more of my calories early in the day. I worry too much about not having enough later on that I balance my day as calorie heavy in the afternoon and evening. I’ll do better tomorrow.

Now, off to the gym for my cardio, then to the market for some reinforcements and finally the P90X workouts scheduled for Day1. All that and take care of the kiddos. This is gonna be fun!