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PostHeaderIcon No Nap, No Way!

Here we are at 9 months of age and my yummy little boys are growing quickly and passing all of the necessary milestones, as far as I know. I have but one complaint: Nap Time! It’s a given that after waking up for the day between 7 and 8 am, they will want to take a short snoozer around 10 am. Sometimes this is a 20 minute nap, and others a solid hour or more. It’s that illusive afternoon nap that troubles me.

We eat lunch around 12 and then I let them play for a while in their high chairs. Once they start to complain, I change them and lay them down. Some days I have instant success, at least with one baby. Most days, I struggle to get any kind of nap out of them, only to have them whine the rest of the afternoon. Elan, the larger of my boys, has long outgrown the infant swing. However, he generally only takes daytime naps to the gentle motion of the infant swing, which is crying out in pain trying to hold him!

I’ve heard about all of the advice I can handle. I’m hoping its a phase. They used to take nice long naps. Maybe, just maybe, one day I will have my afternoons back. One day I will be able to watch some tv, eat lunch, fold laundry or even (dare I hope) sleep.

PostHeaderIcon I Can’t Get No SLEEP

The boys are nearly 6 months old and I am certainly looking forward to the day that I can say, they sleep through the night every night. Some people tell me you can never count on that; not until they are 18 and go to college that is!

Last night my cranky pants babbled and whined and seemed ready to play at 3 am. Try as I might for an hour, I could not get him to go back to sleep. So, at 4 am it was meal time and a diaper change. Sure, normally that would mean go back to bed and all is well. But, with twins, at least for me, that means keep them on the same schedule. So I wake up my good sleeper and repeat!

I am really looking forward to some more solid foods in the coming weeks. Maybe it will bring a much needed change to my schedule, maybe it won’t. I can only hope. All I know is that these little guys need a change as well. It seems that each time I introduce something new, they surprise me and that’s nice.

Now for some fun. Maybe I’m just a proud Mom. Or, maybe I am just sleep deprived, but I find this video of my Zev to be hilarious. At the very least, it should put a smile on your face.

PostHeaderIcon The Boppy Twins

If you don’t have one (or two) and you are expecting a baby, get it now. I knew about the Boppy and had purchased one prior to giving birth to my twin boys. In the early days I didn’t even look at it, but as the weeks progressed my Boppy became like a babysitter. One twin was, perhaps, breastfeeding and the other wanted attention. With only one set of hands, the Boppy served to prop up said baby and let him be near Mommy. Fast forward 6 to 8 weeks and I can’t live without the Boppy, so much so that I purchased a second.

The boys are more alert now and want attention and interaction and, most of all, to be near Mommy. As we speak I have the Boppy twins sleeping soundly side by side on their Boppies smack in the middle of my bed. It’s the little things, believe me!

I have no affiliation, but I recommend you check it out!