PostHeaderIcon My P90X Journey: day 9

Day 9 is coming to a close. I have now worked out hard for 9 days straight. Unbelievable. I never would have imagined that I could, and I constantly worry that I won’t have the strength to push myself on. I do see the end game and I want to win.

I can see how athletes get into a zone. You kind of separate mind and body while working hard. Interesting. I could get used to this.

PostHeaderIcon My P90X Journey: Day 5

Day 5 is upon me. I am minutes away from the leg and ab DVD scheduled for today. Yesterday was yoga and it was insane. The hardest yoga I have ever done. I only made it about an hour in to the hour and a half workout. However, today the muscles are feeling better as a result.

Speaking of result, the only one I really feel right now is energy. I feel great! It can also be attributed to the fact that I have been going to sleep earlier due to the fatigue from the workouts. Either way, it works. There is a mental result too. I am feeling positive and really focusing on the end goal.

Goals are important. Long term and short. Short term goals can be in the hardest moments of the workout. When you struggle, make a deal with yourself that if you push for one more minute you can take a break. Then add on a minute and so forth. As Tony Horton says, you can do anything for 30 seconds.

By the by, it is Friday and I will be enjoying some wine with a girlfriend. Therefore, I’m adding some intense cardio tomorrow. It’s give and take.

PostHeaderIcon My P90X Journey: Day 3

Ouch. Ouch and more ouch. Seriously. I have now completed three of the workouts on P90X. Today I did it during the kid’s nap. This was a struggle for me as I have gotten my body trained to eat lunch at that time. I am really married to their schedule! Since we have plans this evening, planning the workout into my daily routine was a must. It’s really all about planning and sacrifice. Actually, in my mind it is really more about a vision. My vision is me looking fabulous in shorts on my 37th birthday.  No real progress report thus far as I have tried to steer clear of the scale, but I ache and I know that skinny hurts. If you are thinking about this, here is a rundown of my daily diet. Keep in mind that I am a vegetarian (sometimes pescetarian).

Breakfast: Shake with nonfat Greek yogurt, banana and vegan protein

Lunch: Salad with homemade Greek dressing and feta cheese, 6 egg white omlette and 1 whole wheat bagel thin

Snack: Protein bar

Dinner: Fish or homemade black bean burgers (2-3), vegetable soup, whole wheat bagel thin

PostHeaderIcon My P90X journey: Day 2

I’m halfway through day 2 of my P90X journey. This means that I have completed one full day of eating according to the plan and one workout. I learned one valuable lesson in day one– eat more early on– which I incorporated into day two. This takes some planning, but not difficult.

Day two is going well. I’m achy, but not hungry. Best of all, I can imagine skinny again. In fact, I’m dreaming of slipping into a skimpy shirt and some tight jeans. Hmmm…

PostHeaderIcon That’s it, Time to take off the twin pounds

I’m 36, turning 37 this July. My twins are now two and I am ready to look how I looked pre-pregnancy three years ago. Actually, I’m ready to look better! I’ve been on an endless round of starting and stopping my transformation. No excuses anymore. Lots of people are tired and overworked, but they manage to stay in shape and look good. Back to my corporate way of thinking– work hard, play hard and look good doing it! So, P90X it is. Today is day 1. I will attempt even the shortest entry daily among my other drivel  and sometimes interesting entries.

I’ll tell you why P90X is my chosen path. A little over a week ago I had a cold. It was not that bad, but having dealt with ear infections with my boys I was run down without a chance to get better. My brothers were both here and sent me to bed to rest and re cooperate one afternoon. I turned on the tv and the first thing I saw was the P90X infomercial. This average looking guy was made into a kind of hot muscle man after living through the program. I was hooked. What you should know is that I already had the program at home. My husband acquired it a while back and never took advantage of it. Come on, twins are hard! I began to peruse the documents and read a bevy of websites with comments, before and after pictures and praises of the program. Regular Moms are doing it and proud of their results.

So, Day 1. I weighed and measured myself. I took some photos. I will eventually share said photos, but only once I’m pleased with some after photos. The program is 90 days and I’m hoping that toward the end of June I will be fitting into my size 6 clothes and feeling really good about wearing shorts. That’s my goal. At 166 lbs (today) that means that I need to lose approximately 30 lbs. The weight is less important than the inches. It’s about the look and fit. Weight is not the tell all. Day 1 is okay so far. I need to learn how to eat more of my calories early in the day. I worry too much about not having enough later on that I balance my day as calorie heavy in the afternoon and evening. I’ll do better tomorrow.

Now, off to the gym for my cardio, then to the market for some reinforcements and finally the P90X workouts scheduled for Day1. All that and take care of the kiddos. This is gonna be fun!

PostHeaderIcon Help! I have mom hands!

I’m sure any mom will attest to the fact that it does take some time to get back to being yourself after kids. You will never be the same you, but a version of the better you is agreeable. Well, my twins are two and I am not there yet.

First, my body. Amen, right? The twin weight is not completely gone and everything is different. My skin, my body shape, my hair. Let me count the ways. For year one I paid no attention to this. Year two got some focus. Now in year three I hope to reclaim myself.

Now where to start with these dry, chapped, cracked miserable mom hands?

PostHeaderIcon How does she do it? She doesn’t!!

You know the girl. You meet her on a coffee date, the first one you can remember in about a year, and she tells you how busy and frazzled she is. She, however, is dressed in killer jeans, a CLEAN shirt, heals, make up and blown out hair. Suddenly, your mostly clean yoga pants and kinda cute sweatshirt are looking like the drab pjs you changed out of to come out. Oy!

This girl and her six pack abs make you focus on your ring around the baby and wonder why you can’t make such perfection happen. The house, the kids, your appearance. Why is it so daunting for you and not her? I mean, in your last minute trip to her house last week neither a dish nor throw pillow was out of place, the bathroom was impeccable and everything smelled pretty pleasant. What the he’ll is wrong with you?

The truth is, what you see is not what you get. She has school age children and/or help. You have toddlers (twins!!) and a type A personality you can’t live up to. My two most important lessons in parenthood have been patience and prioritizing. In this case prioritizing might mean a fresh lunch for your kids versus a shower for you.

She is not perfect. But damn does she make you feel like a frumpy second rate housewife. Grrr

PostHeaderIcon Please Touch Museum

For $150 we got a 4 person membership for our local Please Touch Museum. The kids love it and within two visits the membership has really paid for itself. Now toddler twins don’t make it easy, but with two adults it’s always a blast. Here are some images from our last trip. Can’t wait to go again. I highly recommend it as there are very few toddler-centric activities out there.

DSC05158 1024x768 Please Touch MuseumDSC051451 1024x768 Please Touch MuseumDSC05137 1024x768 Please Touch Museum

PostHeaderIcon I love my kids but…..

I recently put this title as a title on my personal facebook page. I was expecting a list of examples to serve as a tool to make me feel more human. Not so much. Many of the friends that paid attention have infants at home and are still in that “My Baby is Magic” phase. Don’t get me wrong, my kids are magic. I tell anyone who will listen how funny, smart and charming my boys can be. But, and there always is a but, as they grow into toddlerdom the ups and downs are far more extreme and confusing (confusing because you sometimes want to laugh at bad behavior).

I’m pretty sure that my other group of friends, with school age kids and even teenagers, would have plenty of stories to share if they could get out of the car and stop chauffeuring their kids from one activity to another. I’ve heard the stories for years. I sometimes thought people were really having a love hate relationship with their kids. Now I get it. It’s not love hate, it’s all love and a little heartache and frustration.

I’ll put it out there. Feel free to join in. This could be a fun drinking game, no?


I love my kids but…….

  • They exhaust me like no other job I have ever had.
  • Even at two, they clearly have their own agenda.
  • Their poop smells horrible and I get to be intimate with it several times a day (times two, thanks).
  • They think screaming is both fun and funny. Lord can this phase please come to an end.
  • As twins they egg each other on, whether it’s funny, bad or tear jerking.
  • Emptying shelves and bins in the playroom is a favorite pastime.
  • They have learned how to kick, shove and hit and do not yet understand why it is wrong (only that mommy gets mad and they get a time out).
  • They are so married to their schedule sometimes it is hard to plan something special (this is both a blessing and a curse).
  • The same food they ate an hour ago is now fodder for play, smashing, throwing or crying over.
  • Since they spend all day with me, Dad is their hero and I am the manager/servant (can I get an amen, Moms).

PostHeaderIcon Thanksgiving Prep: ready, set, go

My lists of menu ideas have been scribbled on many note pads and scraps of paper and the shopping list is being generated. Being the organized planner that I am, some elements are being prepared in advance. The way I figure it is if it freezes well, why not.

I previously mentioned this being a mostly vegetarian thanksgiving. I relented a bit by allowing my brothers to prepare a Turkey for the die hard meat eaters and I will make some salmon for my husband who is a meat eater at heart. Those two dishes aside, everything else is vegetarian and healthy (except for dessert—a must).

So, here is the menu as it stands today. I have yet to gather all my recipes.

- hummus two ways and veggies
- whole wheat pizza appetizer with gorgonzola and apples
- cranberry sauce
- tabouli salad
- roasted eggplant salad
- squash/carrot soup
- sweet potato souffle
- roasted potatoes with garlic
- apple pie
- brownies

*Did I mention everything is from scratch?!!!!