PostHeaderIcon My P90X Journey: Day 39

I CANNOT BELIEVE I MADE IT THIS FAR!!!! Seriously, it has been such a ride. I never thought that I would be able to work out on a daily basis, much less look forward to it on some days. This past week or so has been a real challenge to my will power as I have been sick. I felt so much guilt at missing a work out that I pushed myself and managed to complete most of them successfully. I only bowed out of one yoga as it is so tough and hanging your head down when congested is killer. But, alas I am on the other side of illness now and regaining my energy. I am also thrilled at my progress.

Progress wise I have lost just under 5 pounds and about an inch everywhere. I am also stronger and more flexible than I can remember being in years (at least post babies). My clothing is fitting better and I am slowly starting to fit into my smaller sizes. I have yet to get down a size, but that comes with time. In addition to my physical progress I have learned a lot about myself and what may work well for others.

First, I learned that exercise is best scheduled daily. When you try to fit it in a few times a week you can easily put it off. If you know you need to fit it in daily you are more likely to adapt it into your routine. Exercise does not have to be a class or video, it can be a jog or walk through the park, yoga, bike riding, etc. Just stay fit!

Second, if you are a “forget to eat” person, which many busy Moms are, then it is best to get the eating, snack included, into your schedule. I am so routine oriented that my body is now trained to get hungry at scheduled times.

Third, it’s okay to cheat but be reasonable. I try to maintain my healthy diet at all times. When we go to a party or out to eat, I enjoy myself but try to not go overboard. This means forget the appetizer and the sweet cocktails and if dessert is in the picture, split it.

Fourth, even when you slip it’s important to jump right back on the wagon…like right back! One bad meal or bad day does not erase all of your hard work. Don’t wait until tomorrow, get back on the wagon right away. No big deal.

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