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Every Mommy needs some adult time. My girlfriends and I have been having such a hard time getting together lately. I’m sure most of my peers can attest. Between kids, the household, family activities and work, socializing can be tough. We used to have girl weekends with dancing, eating and lots of talking and laughing. Truth be told, we are all in such different places now. I have toddlers, others have school age children, and some even teenagers. To top it off, some have separated or divorced.

The long and short of it is that our tight knit group is no longer so tight. Much of this has to do with our lack of socializing with one another. We talked about another girl weekend but times are tough. Solution: good old slumber party. We still have to nail down the date, but we have the house (kids going to Dad for weekend) and the ideas are forming.

An adult slumber party is just a variation of a teenage slumber. There will be cocktails and lots of snacks, plus some great mood setting games. Here are some of our ideas to get you started on your own slumber party.

1. Themed cocktails with great names like “wild girls.”
2. Take out dinner and gourmet snacks and sweets provided by guests.
3. Bag of surprise skits. Create several bags filled with odds and ends. Split up into groups and provide each with a bag. Create skits (funny) using entire contents of bag.
4. Mad libs. Cause their always fun.
5. Party crafts such as painting a tile or pottery.
6. Photo session. Play with make up, dress up and play photo shoot. Every tired mom wants hot pictures of herself. Plus, even grown girls love dress up!
7. Manicures all around.
8. Dance party with the best 80′s playlist. Bring back some of the old moves and laugh!
9. Mud masks and secrets!
10. Story time. Start a crazy story. Give each girl 2 minutes to continue the crazy story. Record it for a second laugh.