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PostHeaderIcon Toys: To Twin or not to Twin?

The holiday season is here and so is the twins’ first birthday. I have less than three weeks to plan a party, purchase supplies and tell close friends and family which are the most ideal gifts for my boys. It is quite frustrating indeed. The most frustrating of them all? Well, it’s the gift portion of the list.

There are dozens of sites that sell baby gear for multiples. These are typically for the first six months, aside from strollers and wagons that seat 2. Obtaining duplicates of everything is not the way to do it. Kids will always fight over the same toy, whether there are two of them to play with or not. It’s in their lovable nature.

I may be reaching for the stars here, but I would like toys that are made for two kids. Whether you have twins, or two or more kids close in age, it seems ideal to have a toy that they can play with together. Maybe something with the same functionality on both sides or two ways to play. My boys will always climb on top of the same toy and each go for the same brightly colored knob or dial. Put two such knobs or dials on a toy and they will, at least 50% of the time, play together.

To be fair, I found some articles linking to toys that were perfect for twins. Step 2, a well known company of outdoor toys and big plastic playhouses, makes a bunch of toys that fit the criteria. In fact, this is how I discovered their twin toddler swing. A swing for two kids at once with two harnesses.  This means pushing with one hand and having both twins happy. The problem? They no longer make it. Now some leaches on the web are selling them for upwards of  $300 on sites like ebay. These things cost $40 brand new and I can buy a used one for $300. Yey.

Moment of whining is over. I’m going to continue my research on the 1st birthday wishlist. I’ll share if you care. For now, I recommend big toys or toys with lots of pieces. It works for us. Think huge tub of 100+ blocks. icon smile Toys: To Twin or not to Twin?