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PostHeaderIcon Babies love to eat: Fancy Mashed Potatoes

My boys love this meal and when I tasted it, I realized why. Mmmm! I make mine in my Beaba Babycook, but you could make it using the tools you love best and the proportions are all up to you.

1. 1 medium potato, 1 small tomato or 5-6 cherry tomatoes, generous helping of fresh dill.

I steam everything in the Babycook and then puree. Prior to feeding, I add a dollop of fresh organic whole milk yogurt. I like Stonyfield Cream top (delicious).

2. 1 medium potato, portion of butternut squash (quarter or half depending on size) and generous helping of fresh dill.

The instructions are the same as above. This version is a little bit sweeter, but just as good.