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My son cannot walk. He did, however, manage to push my ottoman to the changing table and climb up. His brother could have cared less!

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I love to watch my boys play together. Their interaction is one of the best parts of having twins! Generally, they will play with the same toy and I might hear a shared grunt, but I’m not sure it is shared play. Today was a different story.

Our dog has a small rubber chew toy that is about the size of a teething ring. The boys love to hold it to her mouth and crack up when she tugs at it. They pretty much think that anything with the ring shape is a dog toy and wave it all in her face.

This morning, Zev played the part of the dog. I wanted to put them down for a nap and got a little comedic moment instead. Elan was holding a round rattle to Zev’s face and Zev was grabbing it in his mouth. Then they would both start laughing. This was going on over and over for quite a while. Of course, when I pulled out th camera it all stopped. Thank goodness for that visual memory. It will keep me going for a while!